Welcome to our site, we are glad you are here! Whether you are looking to gain strength, lose fat, improve your overall health, or be introduced to the proper mechanics of weight lifting, we are here to help. Here at Changes we believe in sustainability, balance, and longevity. We are not about quick fixes. We aim to aid our clients in exercise and proper nutrition while focusing on quality of life, realistic expectations, and having fun!

We do this by:

  • Personalizing your goals i.e. fat loss, increased strength, etc.
  • In-Person individual and/or couples training sessions 
  • Instruction on form while lifting  
  • Customized fitness/workout plan
  • Supplying you with custom meal plans while providing instruction on the mechanics of macro and micronutrients. 
  • Weekly check-ins to track your progress and update programming
  • Online options available for individual and/or couples training


I can’t even describe in words what this this man has done for me! He’s help me build so much confidence in the gym, and really make changes to my body. I feel like a completely different person. I feel more confident, more positive, and more more direct in all areas of my life. I feel I owe all this to Charles and the work we’ve done. He offers group activities with all his clients involved. Their fun and adventurous activities, where everyone is included! It has been one of the most fun, and one of the most beneficial moves I’ve ever made signing up with Charles!

Mishayla Anderson


Been working with Charles for 8 months now. It’s been amazing. I’ve lost around 30 pounds of fat, can lift stuff without struggling, and feel a lot more confident with how i look. 10/10 will always recommend

Kyle Hewitt


Friend and client! Charles strives to cater to your needs. There’s no snake oil solution to fitness, so Charles works with you directly, LISTENS, and works with you from the bottom up to establish a fitness foundation. Your wellness is paramount, and Charles knows this. You can reach your goal, and Charles will work with you each step of the way.

Jonathan Lavoie

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